Which apple are you?

The human relationship is a complex domain. Driven by a complex web of basic instincts, social pressures and personal motivators and detractors, our dealing with others in life is a daily challenge as every action we do or word we say serves to accomplish a need that is nestked in that web.

Yesterday I enjoyed “surreal” humoristic conversation with a friend where we compared people to fruits. As much as humor is the essence of such material I pondered on the subject a little bit…

When shopping for fruits, we select ones that are fresh, colorful and not spoiled. Picking our friends is no different. We tend to cherry pick our friends thinking they are the best people to surround ourselves with. Our friends’ presence enlightens us, colors our lives with knowledge or small talk that amuses us and their wisdom when we need them serves as a torch to our fears and insecurities.

Fruits left in the fridge for so long lose their vitality. The same is true with any relationship that is not nurtured well enough. Lovers break up if their love is a frail lacklustre thing that had its glories in the past.

You bite that perfect apple only to find a worm crawling its way out for some sunshine. Things may look beautiful on the outside of any relationship yet scratch the surface to find the underlying negative thoughts. They don’t exist everywhere but when they do, they are labelled as hypocrisy, hate, envy among others.

Now who will you think about when you bite that apple?


One response to “Which apple are you?

  • ali

    very enlightening and discerning metaphor. i confess that my eyes have been opened wide by this clever play on words, most delightful to behold.

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