Twestival and how to “Think global, act local.”

Online social networks are showing off their muscles in creating offline impact with the Arab nations’ political unrest being the freshest evidence to that. But impact is also happening socially for the good of others and Twestival is one of the initiatives that are effectively contributing to that. In fact, Twestival has raised close to $1.2 million for 137 nonprofits from around the world since 2009. This year, the momentum shows no slowing down as Twestival continues to gain more recognition throughout the world thanks to twitter and facebook.

On the 24th of March 2011, Twestival will celebrate its 3 years in more than 200 cities with volunteers contributing their online and offline talents to raise funds for a local cause. In an instance from last year’s Twestival, a single event raised $250,000 to provide clean and safe drinking water in Ethioppia. In Beirut, Twestival will be supporting Faire Face, a Lebanese NGO committed to fighting cancer. The funds will go to support the Breast Cancer cause by providing psychological help and free mammography for women with cancer. In anticipation of the big day, various activities are being planned and sponsors continue to pour by the day showing a strong community support for this cause.

Twestival shows us how online communities can be quickly formed to act on smart ideas, especially ones with a human impact.  Support Twestival Beirut on facebook or on Twitter and be part of the positive change.



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