Making an addiction universal

Say goodbye to BlackBerry’s exclusivity on mobile messengers, relieve yourself from the pressure of owning a BB…Whatsapp is taking over and it is available on almost every smartphone. RIM, the people who brought you the BB, did not foresee the potential market of mobile messenger service beyond their phones. Had they stepped in and sold or developed their messenger on other devices’ platforms, there would not be Whatsapp today or to say the least, Whatsapp would have struggled to penetrate and differentiate itself in this service. To all non BB users, there is no need anymore to buy a BB and pay a subscription charge to benefit from a messenger service! To BB users, a gradual migration from BBM to Whatsapp will gain pace as users grow tired of the small circle of the BB. Universality in tomorrow’s mobile apps is the name of the game and Whatsapp has set a beautiful example.

I like the Whatsapp experience and its simplicity…after all, it’s a messenger built for phones, unlike other messengers (MSN, Gtalk etc.) who moved from p.c. to phone.  In contrast to BBM, I don’t have to memorize complex pin numbers to add contacts and I can quickly tell who from my mobile contacts uses the application and reach them.

What worries me on the other hand, is that as we use this service more, we will be talking less and we’ll be spreading the “BB like addiction”, the one Jerry Seinfeld brilliantly mocked. So going forward, expect less phone calls and more “heads down” and if you’re a Whatsapp user, my remedy advice to you is to create a new status: “socializing…will get back to you when done”.




5 responses to “Making an addiction universal

  • Myriam

    I’m sure after Whats app plenty of other applications will come to birth and every few days we will have to renew our hardwares and softwares and every electronic tool we use due to the Super Fast development of technology 🙂

    • rolrol19

      I disagree with you on this point. I think that even though technology is still advancing, we don’t have to change our handhelds quite often. Look at iphone 3G for instance, all apps are still compatible with it. Users will upgrade when they feel a quantum leap in experience has happened…in contrast to the same people frequently changing handhelds in the past due to more colorful display screens.

  • Philipp

    Very reasonable and down to Earth analysis.
    yet I think that BB is a little bit more luxurious than watsupp for you can still have your own private selection of contacts, and enjoy a lovely service of email.
    don’t forget you can now have your 3 or 4 email accounts in your pocket, almost evrywhere.
    but still I agree with you in some points regarding the competition companies must be Aware of CO$T because technology in my opinion should be available to everyone.
    REgards, 🙂 phil

    • rolrol19

      Email and mobile messaging will become basic services for everyone, just like cell phones has made it to every one’s pocket. Push email is available now on other high end handhelds over 3G or GPRS. The notion that BB is synonymous to luxury was true few years ago, but I think BB’s image has lost its luster nowawadays (every teenage girl has a flashy colored BB in her hand). I was an early adopter in early 2008 and I can tell you that it felt good to be walking with a BB at the time. The only problem was that none of my friends had BB for me to use BBM with them. My CEO was my only friend, sending me emails at midnight (I hated seeing that red light blinking):).

  • Tarek

    Cross platform functionality is basic to the whole net neutrality that’s moving from just the web and ISPs to more developers (both software and hardware). And like you said, it’s pure economics, cross platform equals more money!!

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